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Zionsville, IN Chimney Rebuild for Repeat Customer

Zionsville, IN Chimney Rebuild for Repeat Customer

Before After
Zionsville, IN Chimney Rebuild for Repeat Customer Zionsville, IN Chimney Rebuild for Repeat Customer

A prior Bone Dry Roofing customer called and stated that water spots were appearing on the ceiling around the chimney. Bone Dry Masonry went out and discovered that the bricks were absorbing too much moisture, resulting in it making it's way through the drywall ceiling. We addressed the problem in our inspectors estimate and began work by tearing down the old brick and professionally rebuilding the chimney. This customer is now able to relax knowing that the chimney is no longer leaking, and they have a peace of mind with the backing of Bone Dry Masonry!

Brick Mason Patio Replacement Zionsville, IN

Brick Mason Patio Replacement Zionsville, IN

Before After
Brick Mason Patio Replacement Zionsville, IN Brick Mason Patio Replacement Zionsville, IN

Homeowner in Zionsville that we had recently done repairs on a chimney for.  This customer was so impressed with the chimney repairs that she was ready for us to take on her next project. We tore out the old "Brick Patio", and made it new again. The professional instal of brickwork truly stands out and was made to last!

Zionsville,IN Tear Down Chimney and Reconstruction

Zionsville,IN Tear Down Chimney and Reconstruction

Before After
Zionsville,IN Tear Down Chimney and Reconstruction Zionsville,IN Tear Down Chimney and Reconstruction

This homeowner contacted Bone Dry Masonry after seeing the expert work that was completed at her neighbor's home.  The homeowner stated that she had some leaks coming into the house.  We went out and did a thorough professional inspection of the chimney. Afterwords, it was determined that the lintels were exposed.  We suggested a tear down to roofline on the chimney.  The homeowner is able to enjoy the view when they are looking up at the new chimney!

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Zionsville Chimney Cap, Repair & Masonry Contractor

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I would highly recomend Bone Dry
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Chimney Repair & Masonry Services in Zionsville

Bone Dry Masonry is a local, family owned and operated company dedicated to providing the best masonry services in the region. We specialize in chimneys, outdoor living services, and brick work, all of which will add value, comfort, and appeal to your home.

We are one of 10 Bone Dry offices in the Midwest, and our headquarters has been in business since 1989, so we have ample resources to help with your home's needs. Yet, we still maintain our family roots, and we will always treat you with care and respect.

Do you wish your family spent more time outdoors? Bone Dry Masonry's hardscaping services can make this dream a reality. We can build a wide variety of outdoor living features, including patios, walkways, retaining walls, firepits, outdoor kitchens - the ideas are endless! If you have any questions about our hardscaping or chimney services, do not hesitate to ask.

Our masonry services in Zionsville:

  • Chimney repair, inspection, cleaning, and caps and covers
  • Hardscapes, including retaining walls, paver patios, and other outdoor living features
  • Brick work, including crack repair, brick replacement, tuckpointing, and waterproofing
  • Light commercial work

Ready to get started on your masonry project? Schedule a free estimate in Zionsville today!

Case Studies From Zionsville
Originally, Julie and Jim H from Zionsville, IN called Bone Dry to have their skylights repaired/replaced by the Roofing division. It was noted that...
Bone Dry Masonry receieved a call from Bone Dry Roofing Repairman, Sam. While out on his visit to the customer's home, Sam noticed that the chimney...
Homeowner contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to water finding its way inside the home. Bone Dry Masonry's specialist went out and inspected the area. ...
Job Stories From Zionsville, IN
Chimney Rebuild

With chimney leaking this customer didn’t hesitate to give Bone Dry Masonry a call to fix this issue. We sent out our excellent sales representative Alec out to take a look. He suggested a water test to figure out exactly where these leaks were coming from, the chimney or the roof. After moving forward with the water test Alec and Jeff were able to pinpoint right where the leaks were coming from. On this chimney, the leak was coming from the masonry. Alec suggested to this customer to remove the utility liner and 8.5 x 8.5 flue tile, demo 17x17 wash and 18 courses x 8 brick don to the roofline (150 brick). Remove approximately eight feet of current flashing and replace it with new, remove and replace damaged or rotted decking and framing if needed. Install new flue tile and rebuild chimney 18 courses with step out corbel design with concrete crown, reinstall utility liner with a cap.


Tuck pointing Brickwork in Zionsville

This customer gave Bone Dry a call due to some cracking in the mortar around there chimney. We sent out our sales representative Nathan to do an estimate and to check things out. He quickly could see this chimney needed some tuck pointing and a new chase lid. Our production team had to grind out 65 joints above the roofline and tuck pointed 65 new joints. We also did a complete sweep of the entire chimney system and firebox and installed a new stainless steel chase lid with storm collar and rain cap. We gave this chimney a little makeover and it looks good as new!

Chimney Repair in Zionsville, IN

This customer gave Bone Dry a call because they noticed there chimney was leaking. We sent out one of our sales representatives, Alec, to inspect the damage. He gave them a detailed report and estimate and the customers decided to move forward with the repairs that needed to be done. We removed approximately 11 ft of flashing where the chimney meets the roofline. We then had to grind out and replace approximately 30 joints, removed and replaced approximately 10 brick in an are where the wall flashing stopped at the roofline. We applied a water repellent to the entire chimney. Now that all the repairs are finished and this chimney has a new stainless steel chase lid, this chimney is looking good as new!

Chimney Repair

 Savery, Zionsville, gave bone dry a call to take a look at one of their chimneys. Alec one of our sales representatives was sent out to check things out. We needed to remove the rain cap, take out approximately 54 bricks. We needed to rebuild the chimney about three courses with the step out corbel design and install the new chase lid. There were some bricks that needed to be replaced down to the roofline, 33 to be exact and 5 bricks below the roofline that needed to be replaced as well. Our production supervisor came and took a look as well and noticed that we needed to grind out and replace mortar for approximately 50 joints to the roofline, and we also needed to install about nine feet of new flashing. 99 new bricks later 50 joints of new mortar a new rain cap and flashing later this chimney was looking good as new. We are so happy Bone Dry could come out and give this chimney a facelift.


Complete Chimney Rebuild in Zionsville

A homeowner from Zionsville, was experiencing some leaking coming from one of her chimneys. There were a few broken bricks and in some places, the mortar was starting to separate away from the rest of the brickwork. Bone Dry had been out to do some work in the past for her, so she hopped on the phone and gave us a call!

Our sales representative, Alec, went out to inspect the damage. After talking with Erin she went ahead and decided to do a complete rebuild. She had two chimney's and decided why not do work to both of them while we are out there. On the first chimney, we needed to remove the rain cap and the flue tiles. We did a complete demo of the crown, took off 162-170 brick down to the "stair step" design, approximately nine courses down. Erin wanted to change the look from the "stair step" design to the step- out corbel design. We needed to rebuild nine courses back up with the corbel design, rebuild the concrete crown, and install the rain caps. We then applied a water repellent to the entire chimney down to the roofline. 

On the second chimney, she decided to do a rebuild also. It was in need of some TLC and the best option for her was to go with the rebuild. We removed two 12X12 flue tiles and the rain caps. We did a complete demo of the crown, took out 110 brick, about 5 courses down. We did the same design as the first chimney, the corbel design. We rebuilt five courses back up with the step up corbel design, rebuilt the concrete crown and installed the new rain caps.  

When our production supervisor for the job came out he noticed that there was some tuck pointing and a few bricks that needed to be replaced above and next to the garage doors. We needed to replace about 30 joints total and about 5 bricks needed to be replaced. the homeowner was happy to get that repaired as well! Thirty tuck pointing joints later this garage was looking good as new! Both chimneys got a facelift and complemented the house perfectly. We are so happy that Bone Dry could come out and take care of the chimney needs!

Work Requests From Zionsville, IN
Vicinity of Pebblepointe Pass in Zionsville
We have a room with a bump out - the ceiling inside has water marks. We had a roofer out to repair, but they didn't think anything was wrong with the roof and suggested having the brick looked at.
Vicinity of Regents Park Drive in Zionsville
Tuckpoint wall and repair arch on front porch
Vicinity of Bennington Drive in Zionsville
We have a brick patio that needs repair+extension, our front walk needs repair and we'd like to cap some brick walls around our patio to prevent further degradation in them.
Vicinity of Arbois Circle in Zionsville
Need back paver patio under and next to deck and landscaping work done.
Vicinity of Abercairn Court in Zionsville
Brickwork around 2nd story window is failing and needs repair; relatively small job.
Vicinity of Princeton Place in Zionsville
Your masons rebuilt our chimney in Dec 2017. Now we would like to remove/replace the interior brick hearth. It is currently floor to ceiling painted brick and we would like to replace it with stone. Also we would like to replace our existing gas log set. Please contact me to schedule an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hickory Ct. in Zionsville
We need a quote on a chimney repair job.
Vicinity of Regents Park Drive in Zionsville
Arch cracked on front porch
Vicinity of Soaring Hawk Circle in Zionsville
Brick walkway repair and need a metal chase cover put on a chimney.
Vicinity of W Pine Street in Zionsville
We recently purchased a home built in 1869 with a brick foundation. There are several places where you can see mortar missing in the foundation wall. There are also two small brick porch/stoops that are sagging and in need of repair. We're looking to get a quote on these projects with hopes of tackling them before winter.
Vicinity of Lexington Ct in Zionsville
We bought our home about 3 years ago, and at that time, a level 2 chimney inspection indicated some significant work may be needed to the chimney, whether we keep the current gas install or change back to the original wood fireplace. We have not used the chimney since then, as we could not do repairs at that time. We'd like a more local second opinion on the fireplace to determine how best to move forward so that we can enjoy the fireplace we have.
Vicinity of Greenthread Drive in Zionsville
We are looking to install a patio - not very large - estimate it to be about 20x20.
Vicinity of Eagleview Drive in Zionsville
Considering a Backyard patio
Vicinity of Turkey Foot Road in Zionsville
Chimney, brick, front step, planter repair. add parking pad and planter - hardscape fire pit in back yard.
Vicinity of Turkey Foot Rd in Zionsville
We have had some leaking of smoke and ash through the ceiling lights in our lower level when we have used that fireplace and also some difficulty ventilating the smoke on the main level fireplace as well.
Vicinity of Sanctuary Boulevard in Zionsville
I have a chimney that is leaning a bit. I would like to know if it can be repaired and, if so, what the cost would be to complete the job.
Vicinity of Becker Dr in Zionsville
We are looking to have a few crumbling areas of our concrete front porch repaired.
Vicinity of N Main St in Zionsville
House built in 1880... Need tuck pointing around front porch and front walkway repaired.
Vicinity of Willow Ridge Cy in Zionsville
Looking for estimate on chimney crown repair/waterproof/conversion to wood.
Vicinity of in Zionsville
Bought a new house. Inspection showed minor damage to chimney.

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