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Before and After Pictures from Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana Chase Lid Repair on Chimney

Indianapolis, Indiana Chase Lid Repair on Chimney

Before After
Indianapolis, Indiana Chase Lid Repair on Chimney Indianapolis, Indiana Chase Lid Repair on Chimney

This customer called Bone Dry because she noticed a leak in her chimney. Our sales representative found that the chase lid was in need of being replaced. As you can see in the before picture the chase lid is rusted which is what is causing the leak. Our Bone Dry team members went out and replaced the old metal chase lid with a brand new stainless steel one which will last a lot longer. Our customer was very satisfied with the work done and is beyond happy her leak is finally gone!


Complete Chimney Rebuild Indianapolis, Indiana

Complete Chimney Rebuild Indianapolis, Indiana

Before After
Complete Chimney Rebuild Indianapolis, Indiana Complete Chimney Rebuild Indianapolis, Indiana

This customer called Bone Dry due to some leaking they had been experiencing for some time. We sent out one of our sales representatives, Alec, to check out the problem. He quickly could tell this chimney was in bad shape. After discussing a rebuild, the customers decided to go ahead with the complete rebuild. As our Bone Dry team started to take off the brick they noticed a lot of rot. We completely tore this chimney apart and started from scratch.

Chimney Masonry Repair NE Indianapolis, IN

Chimney Masonry Repair NE Indianapolis, IN

Before After
Chimney Masonry Repair NE Indianapolis, IN Chimney Masonry Repair NE Indianapolis, IN

Cusotmer contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to a water spot on the ceiling.  Bone Dry Masonry sent out one of our specialist, and noticed that the chimney had widespread damaged to the bricks and mortar.  Bricks were cracking, had a high percentage of holes in the mortar, and the top was thin and breaking bonds that allowed water to penetrate and cause damage.  We removed the mason down to the deck, along with an additional 5 spalling bricks below the upper roofline. Our professionals Installed bricks back up to code height with a concrete crown top w/a slope, hanging past the brick for a drip edge.  Customer is at ease knowing that his problem has been fixed and that he has the backing of Bone Dry Masonry!

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Indianapolis Chimney Repair, Masonry & Hardscaping, Patio Contractor

Paul said that he is VERY PLEASED with his experience!!...
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Reviews From Indianapolis
Testimonials From Indianapolis
Satisfied customer stated how elated she is w/ Bone Dry Masonry Crew & entire team from the initial appointment to the completion of the chimney project!
Testimonial by Karen P. from Speedway, IN
Each person we’ve worked with from Bone Dry has been exceptional.
Testimonial by Mary H. from Indianapolis, IN
Very Professional, Competent, and Very Friendly!
Testimonial by Sherrie G. from Indianapolis, IN

Add value and appeal to your home with chimney repair & masonry in Indianapolis

If you're looking for a high-quality solution to your masonry needs, you've come to the right place. Bone Dry Masonry has many years of experience offering chimney work, hardscapes, and brick work to local homeowners and commercial customers.

Our company opened its doors in 1989 and now has ten offices in the Midwest, making us one of the largest contractors in the nation and giving us access to industry-leading materials. But despite our size, we are still a completely family owned and operated company whose focus is you!

Masonry done right will make a statement when someone drives up to your home. Our chimneys, patios, retaining walls, and walkways can all offer increased aesthetic appeal and quality of living for your property. All of our technicians are fully trained and certified to complete the work you need when you need it!

Our masonry services in Indianapolis:

  • Chimney repair, inspection, cleaning, and caps and covers
  • Hardscapes, including retaining walls, paver patios, and other outdoor living features
  • Brick work, including crack repair, brick replacement, tuckpointing, and waterproofing
  • Light commercial work

We offer free estimates for all of our services in Indianapolis - schedule yours today!

Case Studies From Indianapolis
The lentils above this doorway and window were beginning to oxodize and corrode. Because the Lintel was breaking down, it was causing the bricks to...
This brick wall was hit on both sides with a forklift, we went out to give an estimate of the work and the customers signed for us to do the work...
This customer had severe water damage inside home from around both chimneys. As our salesman inspected around the chimney he quickly noticed both...
Job Stories From Indianapolis, IN
Chimney Repairs, and Utility Chimney tear down

With two chimneys leaking this customer didn’t hesitate to give Bone Dry Masonry a call to fix this issue. We sent out our excellent sales representative Nathan out to take a look. He suggested a water test to figure out exactly where these leaks were coming from, the chimney or the roof. After moving forward with the water test Nathan and Alec were able to pinpoint right where the leaks were coming from. On chimney number one, the leak was coming from the crown; on chimney number two, the flashing and a couple joints were causing the issue, the pipe as well was corroded. Nathan suggested to this customer, for chimney number one; to demo 9 bricks x 5 courses and rebuild 9 bricks x 5 courses with a step out corbel (45 brick), wrap a 9x13 flue tile with expansion joints and install 9x13 flue tile with stainless steel rain cap, pour a new concrete crown and drip edge, grind out and tuck point 25 joints and reseal flashing and replace three shingles. For chimney number two, a tear down and replace with a “B” Vent was suggested for this utility chiney. Bone dry tore down this chimney, replaced decking, install ice and water shield and shingles, demo all masonry to the roofline frame opening with 2x4 framing, decking, ice and water shield, 3”x3’ double wall “B” Vent, storm collar and rain cap, and also installed an aluminum liner kit to the water heater in the basement.

Flashing Repair

This customer had severe water damage inside home from around both chimneys. As our salesman inspected around the chimney he quickly noticed both chimney step flashing was not married to the masonry. This was causing water to seep in between the masonry and flashing and drip down into home during heavy rain. There was also some rotting with the wood decking near the chimney, which was detected by roof caving in a small amount when pressure was applied. The masonry would progressively worsen if the flashing was not replaced. Our production came in and ripped the old flashing up and immediately confirmed the rotten wood decking on the north side chimney . The decking was replaced and new ice and water shield was laid to cover the crack in between the roof and our masonry. The step flashing was then placed over the ice and water shield for another layer of protection. Production finished with laying counter flashing and shingles along the side of the chimney. The multiple layers of flashing we install on chimneys guarantee protection from water seeping into the masonry and into the home.

Sided Chimney Rebuild

This customer was noticing several water spots on the interior of her ceiling on the second floor. The wood trim on the chimney was rotting causing the major leak. The cement board was starting to crumble as well. We did a complete tear down and rebuild. With all new trim and cement board this chimney looked great!

Sided Chimney Rebuild - Photo 1
Chase Lid Indianapolis

This customer gave Bone Dry a call due to noticing a leak coming in their chimney. We sent out of of our excellent sails representatives to check out to see what was causing the leak. This chimney was in need of a new chase lid. We removed the old chase lid, storm collar, and rain cap replacing them with a new stainless steel chase lid with drip edge, a new storm collar and new rain cap. We also did a few small repairs to the chimney as well. We tuck pointed 200 joints around the chimney above the roofline, and also had to relay approximately ix bricks on the corner of the chimney. This chimney is looking great with its new chase lid and bricks. This customer was very pleased with the final work!



Column Rebuild Indianapolis

This customer gave Bone Dry a call due to someone hitting on of there columns on their building. We sent one of our sales representatives out to look and see what we can’t do to fix the problem. He gave them a detailed estimate to rebuild the column. He decided to go ahead with the work. Halfway through the job, he decided he wanted us to do the other column as well. On the first pillar and also the second we removed a 97 ½” support pillar, we installed a temporary support jack to perform the work. With approximately 32 new bricks on each eight-course columns, they are both looking great.  

Chimney Removal and Roof Deck Replacement in Indianapolis

This customer gave Bone Dry a call when he noticed a small leak occurring while in his attic that was coming from a small chimney that used to be functioning for the exhaust for the utilities. We sent out our excellent sales representative Alec to examine the problem. He determined, since the chimney was nonfunctional, the best solution was to tear down the chimney to the roofline, install necessary decking, and necessary shingling. We also provided a chimney sweep for the functioning chimney that had a fireplace exhausting through it. The projects’ duration took less than a day to complete in full.

Sided Chimney Repair Indianapolis, Indiana

This customer gave Bone Dry a call because they noticed some cracks in the joints and some of the bricks were starting to deteriorate. We sent out our sales representative Alec to check out the damage. He gave this customer two options they could go with, a new stone chimney or a replace the stone with siding. They chose to go with option number two, the sided chimney. We then removed all of the stone down to the ground, we then checked to make sure the framing and plywood were in good condition. Once this customer picked a paint color we painted the siding and stained the trim and it was ready to start going up. We put a new stainless steel chimney cap, rain cap and storm collar on. Now onto the flashing, water shield and new shingles around the top of the chimney. This chimney now has a new facelift, and the customers couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. We are so happy we could come out and give this chimney what it needed!  

Chimney Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

This customer was getting a roof estimate done by our roofing company when they noticed their chimney needed some repairs before they moved on to the roof. We reached out to this customer and sent one of our sale representatives out to look at the chimney. There was a leak coming in the kitchen. Nathan, the sales rep that we sent out, noticed that the flashing needed to be replaced and the brick was starting to deteriorate off the chimney. We replaced approximately 30 brick, poured a new concrete crown and installed a new stainless steel rain cap. About 30 new bricks later this chimney was looking good as new!

Partial chimney rebuild in Indianapolis

This customer gave Bone Dry Masonry a call due to some mortar that was starting to crumble, there were several bricks that were starting to fall off. We sent out our expert sales representative, Nathan, out to inspect the damage. He then recommended to do a complete rebuild or to do a partial rebuild. Nathan gave them a quote for both options, they went with the partial rebuild. We took out about 252 bricks and took out the old crown. We did a rebuild 14 brick x 18 courses with a step out corbel, approximately 252 plus new bricks, we wrapped the flu tile with an expansion joint. We poured a new concrete crown with a drip edge, installed a new stainless steel rain cap, did a full sweep and cleaned the chimney to the fire box. 50 new tuckpointing joints, 252 new bricks later, this chimney was looking better than ever! Needless to say, this customer was very pleased with the work done by Bone Dry Masonry.  

Chimney Rebuild in Indianapolis

Charles and Lynne G, Indianapolis, gave bone dry a call because they started to notice a leak in there chimney. When they began to look a little further they noticed there were quite a few bricks that were falling off the chimney. We sent our expert sales representative, Nathan, out to inspect the damage. He recommended a chimney rebuild, which they agreed to. We did a complete demo 14 brick x 30 courses, then a rebuild of 14 brick x 30 courses with step out corbel, that’s about 420 bricks. We poured a new concrete crown with a drip edge, wrap flue tile with expansion joint, and installed a new stainless steel rain cap. A chimney sweep was done as well. We are so happy that our Bone Dry team could help out Charles and Lynne and fix their problem!


Masonry Repairs in Indianapolis

A homeowner from Zionsville, noticed a lot of cracking in the mortar in different places around his house. These could be signs of settling and can continue to get worse as time goes on. There were a few broken bricks and the mortar was starting to separate. He wanted to get these small issues fixed before they turned into big issues. He quickly gave Bone Dry a call!

We sent out our sales representative, Alec, to inspect the damage. He recommended some tuck pointing, approximately 7-8 joints to be exact. We also replaced a couple broken bricks to finish off the job. The homeowner was given a detailed report and estimate. The homeowner was happy to get all the repairs done, that was suggested! Eight tuck pointing and some new bricks later this home was given a little facelift. We are so happy that Bone Dry Masonry could take care of this customer!


Work Requests From Indianapolis, IN
Kessler Blvd West Drive in Indianapolis
Our chimney is leaking water when it rains.
N Capitol Ave in Indianapolis
I have some water leaks that I believe are coming through via a chimney that needs some love. I'd like to have you all give you an estimate on this repair.
Baycreek Drive in Indianapolis
Heard drips of water in fireplace; did not see evidence of water but only heard drips.
Ralston RD in Indianapolis
Roof leak around flue chimney stack
N Pennsylvania St in Indianapolis
I am having water infiltration with my chimney and need to have it evaluated and repaired.
Tidewater Dr. S. in Indianapolis
Need inspection/evaluation of metal cap on chimney. Possible replacement. Rust is visible from the ground.
S Ingomar St in Indianapolis
Concrete cap on chimney for furnace deteriorated. Needs repaired.
Allison Pt Blvd in Indianapolis
Commercial project. We have water infiltration into walls in an office and number of storage areas. We believe the source to be masonry issues. Need help. Thanks!
Broadway St in Indianapolis
I am inquiring about what it cost to get a chimney cap or whatever is needed. My chimney is not covered with anything and when it rains hard its coming down the fireplace.
Tecumseh St in Indianapolis
Have a chimney that was damaged due to a tree falling on home. Appliances are high efficiency and do not vent through chimney. Looking to remove chimney below roof line.
in Indianapolis
We have a ~60 year old house with wood burning fireplace. The fireplace leans slightly. We would like to lower the chimney height to below the soffit and convert to a gas fireplace.
Walnut Meadow Ct in Indianapolis
Clean and look over chimney. Has not been used in 10 years.
N Michigan Rd in Indianapolis
I have a large, old patio and the bricks are starting to fall out. Possible tuck pointing needed. New caulk is needed.
N. Arsenal Avenue in Indianapolis
I'm a real estate broker. I have an inspection report and need masonry work completed.
Southern Trails Place in Indianapolis
I am selling my house and had an inspection that found standing water on the chimney lid. I am trying to price out the least expensive "solution" or "fix" to this issue. Besides replacing the cover, is there anything else that can be done? Thank you.
Riley Ct in Indianapolis
Two projects I need done, both related to periodic basement flooding. First is to remove a below-grade non-escape window and concrete block it in, waterproof it, and fill in window well. Second is to repair patio slab outside said window. It slopes toward house and drainage frequently floods basement. Need slab corrected to grade away from house, then brick replaced over properly graded slab (I have the brick on-site).
Sunnymeade Ln in Indianapolis
Chimney may leak and cannot use fireplace.
N Dequincy St. in Indianapolis
We have not lived at our house very long and we are sure our chimney needs repaired but are not sure what all needs to be done. We are just looking for an estimate
N. Meridian St. in Indianapolis
Repair of chimney
Sunnymeade Ln in Indianapolis
Chimney has moisture issues and doesn't work.
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