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We carefully inspect all aspects of your chimney to ensure that you have no issues with leaks, clogs, or structural integrity.

Bone Dry Masonry specializes in all types of masonry repair and restoration work, as well as complete chimney rebuilding and chimney inspections. Your chimney takes a beating from Mother Nature. From extreme temperatures to heavy rain and snow, even the toughest-built chimney can deteriorate over time. A settling foundation can also affect your chimney, causing ugly cracks and serious structural problems. No matter what the cause, a damaged chimney can detract from the beauty and value of your home.

From cracked masonry, leaks, blocked chimney caps, and poorly fitting dampers, our experienced technicians have solved nearly every chimney problem you can imagine.

If you have a chimney problem that you need fixed, call us or click below to request a free estimate in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers or nearby. Our technicians will evaluate your situation and recommend the best solution for your needs.

Before and Afters
  • Masonry Chimney Tear Down in Anderson, Indiana
    Masonry Chimney Tear Down in Anderson, Indiana

    Masonry Chimney Tear Down in Anderson, Indiana

    This old chimney was torn down and converted into a pipe chimney. Our team at Bone Dry Masonry takes their time with the work they do. If you ever need this kind of work done, don't hesitate to give BDM a call for a free estimate! We'll be glad to come and help!

  • Front Porch
    Front Porch

    Front Porch

    This front porch was needing some TLC. We replaced the brick all along side of the side walk, and power washed the side walk. 

  • Noblesville, IN Chimney Concrete Facing Repair
    Noblesville, IN Chimney Concrete Facing Repair

    Noblesville, IN Chimney Concrete Facing Repair

    This homeowner called in stating that the chimney facing was starting to flake off and not look so pretty. Bone Dry Masonry went out and inspected the chimney, giving our customer options in an estimate on possible repairs for those flaking bricks. In addition to reconstructing the brick, we installed a new cover and chimney cap. The homeowner is now relaxing knowing that his chimney has it's beauty back!

  • Chimney and Shoulder Concrete Mason Rebuild Noblesville, IN
    Chimney and Shoulder Concrete Mason Rebuild Noblesville, IN

    Chimney and Shoulder Concrete Mason Rebuild Noblesville, IN

    Customer noticed the brick spalling, breaking apart, and coming off of his chimney from both above the roofline and at the shoulder area. Our expert inspector determined that the chimney was in such poor condition that the only proper fix was to rebuild it and install a set of limestone pieces to the shoulder area, as well as put in a concrete top to shed water away from the masonry. The homeowner approved the report and we professionaly completed the job.  The customer is able to enjoy the look of his new and protected chimney.

  • Noblesville, IN Repair to Chimney and Vent Stack
    Noblesville, IN Repair to Chimney and Vent Stack

    Noblesville, IN Repair to Chimney and Vent Stack

    Our customer had a masonry chimney that was failing in multiple places and needed options to affordably fix the problem.  We offered a solution and an estimate, using a flexible liner to connect the furnace to the water heater & remove the portion of masonry above the roofline in order to install a vent stack.  This repair and install resolved the customer's issue and reduced their liability for leaks and damage in the future.

  • Chimney Rebuild & Repair in Carmel, IN
    Chimney Rebuild & Repair in Carmel, IN

    Chimney Rebuild & Repair in Carmel, IN

    Customer contacted Bone Dry Masonry after they noticed water spots on the ceiling around the chimney.  Bone Dry Masonry's specialists went out and assessed the issue and determined that the chimney had broken/cracked bricks, mortar had started deteriorating along with bricks. We suggested a chimney rebuild from the roofline and above with a step out corbel, and new concrete crown. After giving the Homeowner an expert estimate, we went ahead with the work. Now the customer is able to properly enjoy their new chimney!

  • Rebuild Chimney Roofline Up in Carmel, IN
    Rebuild Chimney Roofline Up in Carmel, IN

    Rebuild Chimney Roofline Up in Carmel, IN

    This homeowner contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to concerns about their chimney. Our representative Nathan went out and did a thorough inspection.  After a his inspection, he noticed that the chimney brickwork was spalling and that someone had put white caulk on some of the bricks.  We suggested a rebuild from the roofline up. This homeowner's concerns have been taken care of with the backing of Bone Dry Masonry expert crew!

  • Chimney Crown Replacement
    Chimney Crown Replacement

    Chimney Crown Replacement

    As you can see, there was major cracking in the crown of the chimney. We not only poured a new crown but rebuilt the top 3 courses on this chimney. The new chimney is almost unrecognizable because of the new concrete crown. 

  • Archway Rebuild
    Archway Rebuild

    Archway Rebuild

    This archway in the matter of just one month was in need of a rebuild, it could collapse at any given moment. Alec went out and determined we needed to remove the arch way down to the  parapet walls and rebuild from there, with the caveat that additional work may be needed to successfully rebuild the archway. While Chris was removing the archway he determined we needed to move down to the substrate and rebuild from there to accomplish the task.

  • Carmel, IN Chimney Mason Repair
    Carmel, IN Chimney Mason Repair

    Carmel, IN Chimney Mason Repair

    An existing Bone Dry Customer noticed cracks along the side of the chimney's shoulder.  Our professional inspector reported that some joints around the shoulder area needed some tuck-pointing. After having the estimate approved, we removed the brick shoulders and replaced it with limestone. The customer is now able to enjoy the new look of a masterfully done chimney. 

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Chimney waterproofing

Most chimneys are built with porous brick and mortar. Over time, water can seep inside of the chimney, causing damage to the inside and outside of your home. Water leaks in your chimney can cause rusted damper and firebox assemblies, rotted wood, water stains on walls and ceiling, decayed exterior mortar, cracked flue lining or a tilting chimney structure. If not addressed, water leaks can eventually lead to complete failure of your chimney.

We can apply high-quality waterproofing agent that can add years to the life of your chimney. To waterproof your chimney, we use a protective sealant that is vapor permeable, which means that it allows the moisture that is inside of the chimney to escape, while preventing water from getting in from the outside. Waterproofing is an affordable way to protect the beauty and function of your chimney and save yourself money and hassle down the road.

Chimney crown repair & replacement

Severely cracked chimney crown

A crack in the chimney crown can allow water and moisture to seep into the masonry, deteriorating the chimney from the inside out.

The chimney crown acts as a roof to your chimney structure, protecting the flue and top of the chimney against deterioration or damage from weather. The chimney crown is different from the chimney cap, which is an attachment that is added to the top of the flue pipe to keep debris out of the chimney flue.

If there are cracks or voids in your chimney crown, this can allow water to seep inside the bricks and mortar of your chimney, causing expensive damage over time. Our chimney technicians can repair or rebuild the crown of your chimney to help prevent the need for costly water damage repairs.

If your chimney crown is severely worn, has pieces missing, or is lacking structural integrity, it might be best to replace it with a new concrete crown. We can build a new crown for your chimney with durable concrete and a design that will direct water away from the bricks and mortar and keep your chimney as dry as possible.


If you notice that your chimney’s mortar is cracked or deteriorating, tuckpointing can help prevent further damage. Tuckpointing involves scraping out damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar to restore the original condition of your chimney. We will expertly match your existing mortar, so you won't notice where the mortar was replaced.

Cracked or crumbling mortar joints are not only ugly, but they can also allow water to seep inside your chimney, causing serious and expensive damage.

If you have loose bricks or stones or cracks in your mortar, our trained technicians will inspect your chimney and recommend the best solution to ensure it is functioning safely and looks beautiful.

Chimney rebuilding

If only a few bricks are cracked or spalling (breaking off in fragments), they can typically be replaced. If your chimney has become too damaged, we will likely need to partially or completely tear down and rebuild the structure. With any chimney rebuild we try to use any existing bricks that are still in good condition. When you hire us to restore or rebuild your chimney, you can be sure that all work will be completed in accordance with state and local building codes.

Fireplace dampers

If you have issues with smoke or drafts in your home, we can inspect your chimney and determine if your fireplace damper needs replacing. A damaged or improperly installed fireplace damper can reduce your home's comfort and energy efficiency, letting heated and cooled air escape up and out your chimney flue. A damaged damper can also let in water and moisture, which can cause cracks in the mortar and other serious problems. We can inspect your chimney damper and make sure it's working like it should. If your damper isn't functioning like it should, we can install a new one.

Request a chimney inspection & free estimate today

Regular chimney maintenance is important for preventing damage and expensive chimney repairs, however, all chimneys require repair at one time or another.

If you notice smoke coming into your home or that your home is drafty, you should consider having your fireplace damper inspected. In addition to masonry repair and restoration, Bone Dry Masonry also installs chimney caps, chase covers and chimney dampers.

Contact us today to find out more about our chimney repair services or to request your free estimate.

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